Why should there be few links on the website page?

In the natural anchor list of a site to which links have never been purchased, there will be very few back-ups with direct entry (there will be more un-anchored backlinks with the words mentioned above, or simply with the site address as an anchor).


But already in the case of a site that is promoting the purchase of links, there will be much more such anchors (yes almost all, because by definition the effect of direct entry should be greater).


But do not forget that search engines filter all this wonderfully when they detect a sign of going beyond the boundaries of naturalness.


With diluted occurrence - in this case, the query text is used as anchor, plus some kind of dilution word is added to it. Words for dilution are often taken simply from the semantic core, or something universal is used that is suitable in most cases (cheap, inexpensive, city, etc.).

With near-reference text - they are often used when purchasing websites links and similar exchanges, or in link aggregators (such as, for example, MegaIndex, Seopult and the like). In fact, they are a complete proposal, similar to the heading of an advertisement, but only the necessary key request is surrounded by link tags (not necessarily in a direct entry).

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