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How are the websites links now considered by search engines? Продвижение сайта своими руками!

In fact, I already partially spoke about this in the article “Anchor - what it is and how important they are in promoting the site”, but I repeat. A link in conjunction with the page to which it leads (it is also called a back link) has several basic qualities, each of which is taken into account by search engines when ranking:

Firstly, the accumulation of pages of your website by the so-called static weight. For each document posted on the Internet (web pages), this weight is calculated separately. It depends on the number of links to this page (it is called an acceptor in this scheme) of links from other pages (they are called donors) of the same or any other site.


Moreover, the acceptor's statistical weight will depend not only on the number of donors, but also on their own statistical weight. Link texts are not taken into account. In fact, the same algorithm underlies Paige Rank's calculation.


In addition to the statistical weight, each page of your website also accumulates anchor weight (it is also sometimes called dynamic). It completely depends on the text of the link leading to this page (it’s called the anchor). The more accurately the anchor matches the search query on which you are trying to promote the website page (заказать сайт) (the higher the density of occurrence), the greater the dynamic weight this hyperlink will be able to transmit.


Oddly enough, this sounds, but hyperlinks were invented so that they could go to other documents on the network. Accordingly, links are at the very least, but still traffic, i.e. a certain flow of visitors attracted to your site. From here follows another property of the link - its clickability. 


It doesn’t matter if the link is internal or external, but if users follow it (living people, not bots), this is a clear indication of its quality, because it is in demand. Getting clickable backlinks is very relevant at the moment and is our main task, although getting them is not easy and they are not cheap.


Also, do not build illusions that search engines are not able to distinguish natural links from purchased ones. Already five years ago how Yandex can do this (algorithmically and with the help of assessors) and, possibly,


Google can do it even longer. Another question is that knowing this, the search engine still does not discard this ranking factor, while continuing to take into account some of the purchased links. This is especially true of those of them for which clicks are made (clickable).


In the article about anchors (see a little above) I dwelt in some detail on the issue of the influence of the text of backlinks (leading to this page) on its ranking for a specific search query. We mentioned that the largest contribution, in theory, should be made by links whose text fully coincides with the key request on which this page is moving.


Beginners of Seo-shniki (or website owners acting in their role) perceive this fact simplistically and immediately buy hundreds, or even thousands of backlinks with direct entry.


  • It is very difficult to make progress in this way now, if not to say that it is not possible. Search engines see both the quantity and quality of the links you purchase.
  • Noting the appearance of a large number of backlinks leading to your site, with the direct entry of any high-frequency request (and even commercial), search engines filter this whole thing out wonderfully, and the funds you invested turn out to be wasted.
  • Then such a person adds his voice to the army of those who say that the links no longer work, SEO has died and it's time to go to Direct.


Actually, you can go to Direct (and generally to contextual advertising) in parallel with search engine promotion, because this will give an instant influx of visitors, and the results from Seo will still have to wait a year or more. But then when they appear, you will most likely feel that the cost of attracting a buyer in this case is significantly lower. But that's how lucky.


Now a few words about static weight. I forgot to mention just above that the weight transferred by the page is divided equally between all outgoing links from it (it does not matter whether they are internal or external). What does this give us? Well, based on this fact, you can filter donor pages that will not bring you much benefit in promotion. What will be the portrait of the ideal donor page in terms of the statistics from which you would like to get a link?


The answer is obvious. The minimum number of outgoing internal and outgoing external links should lead from this page, and at the same time as many other pages as possible should link to it (if they are also thematic to yours, then besides this, the probability of accounting for this backlink by search engines will increase). In this case, the donor will have a good static weight and will be able to transfer a rather serious part to you (the weight will be divided between all outgoing links, including yours).


The same goes for your own site. In theory, if you put a lot of external links from it, then you will slightly reduce the static weight transferred to the internal pages of the site. But, most likely, this will be true only with a serious number of them, and in most cases you should not bother with this.


Although, referring from your site to many HSs is also not worth it, for other reasons (the search may rank you yourself as a HS). It is possible and even necessary to link to good sites, if it is appropriate (naturalness and, again, naturalness).


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