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You will need to take the promotion process very seriously by receiving (free or paid) external links to your site.


We will talk about what and how it was desirable to continue in this series of articles (I traditionally recall the advisability of subscribing to a newsletter with announcements of new articles on this blog), but I want to immediately dwell on what to do to gain a reference mass do not:

Not such an important point, but ... Ideally, from one site you just need to get one link (to get the maximum result with a minimum of invested funds).


But there are quite few good donors in any subject, so getting multiple links from one site (for example, to different pages of your resource) can be considered normal. However, you should not buy hundreds, and even more than a thousand backlinks from one site, because this makes no sense.


You should not buy links in Sapé type reference exchanges without using filters. Why? Yes, because in this case the percentage of your money spent in vain can come close to a hundred (read about it above).


If you’re afraid of not managing the filters yourself, then shift this task to the shoulders of link aggregators (Wizard, Seopult, Megaindex, Hand, Web Effector, Seokhamera or someone else).


True, they will take from you a percentage of the cost of purchased links, but during the selection they will apply their established filters and will monitor donors in the future to remove ineffective links.


Another thing is that you should not create campaigns in aggregators without a budget limit, because this is fraught with excessive spending.

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