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Are external links now needed for website SEO promotion? Создание сайтов!

Hello dear readers. Links up to this point are one of the most discussed topics in the circles of site owners and SEOs.


Although, of course, today this is not at all the topic with which you should start promoting (I think that you have already guessed that I'm talking about content, namely text optimization), but it still remains one of the most relevant.


Therefore, we just couldn’t talk about links within the new section “Promotion of commercial websites.


The conversation will focus on how to work with links, and whether they are needed for modern website promotion and website development Одесса Украина. We will also consider what kind of links exist (with which anchors) and what each of the varieties is used for.


Well, of course, let's see where today you can get external links, and about which methods of obtaining them you should forget forever.


Links not working? Is it really so?


A lot of people using SEO promotion after a while begin to be tormented by doubts that, probably, they somehow buy links incorrectly or not, or they behave incorrectly.


There is no result, although a lot of time has already passed. But in most cases, "the chest came off altogether from the other side."


The fact is that any actions multiplied by zero as a result will give zero. By zero, I mean work on internal website optimization.


Without this, links and any other methods of external influence on the site will not work.


You need to start the promotion in any way with internal optimization.


Make a technical audit (the article is a little outdated, but I will try to write a new one, but for now you can read about mirrors and redirects with server answers) to make sure that there are no obstacles to the successful promotion of the site in terms of server operation and other things.

Again, you need to develop a full-fledged and full-sized semantic core for the site (you can collect it yourself directly using Wordstat, although it’s better to use automation, for example,


Key collector, which I want to talk about in detail in the next articles - subscribe) and implement it (create a structure and write text). You also can do it with Keyword Planner is a free Google Ads tool.


Well, check your website for other errors that may interfere with its SEO promotion, too. What exactly to look at and how to fix it, read in the article "What prevents the SEO-promotion of your site and how to fix it." This is a serious matter, and it is necessary to approach it with all responsibility and observing the sequence of actions.


Actually, a few months after internal optimization, even without purchasing links, some of the queries from your semantic core may well get into the Top. It’s clear that these will not be tweeters, but it’s just about LF (read SEO terminology here) that the percentage of conversions is much higher (with the condition that you made an adequate cotyledon).


However, despite all the obviousness of this fact, few people first conduct internal optimization, preferring to proceed immediately to the purchase of links.


You can’t do this, even if you really want to.


Thus, regarding the internal optimization of the site, there can be no other opinions besides the fact that it must be done.


But as to whether links to ranking sites in search engines today influence more and more disputes. It is clear that this question is far from as unambiguous as the mentioned internal factors, but nevertheless it can be unequivocally argued that the links still affect the success of the site promotion.


Another thing is that this influence has decreased significantly in recent years.


Disputes, however, arise mainly due to the fact that link ranking during this time has moved from the category of top factors to the category of non-main ones.


Those. Now the purchase of a ton of links to a young site will not take it to heaven, as it was before. In this sense, sites have become much more difficult to promote, although it’s not so difficult or impossible. You just need to correctly place accents and priorities, without focusing on you as before only on a reference set.


In addition, if we consider the entire link mass that commercial sites can collect during their existence, it turns out that in the best case, only ten percent of links (or even less) will really affect the ranking of the site, and the rest are just ballast.


This percentage can be increased, but for this it will be necessary to know some subtleties and spend time on it, as well as apply the brain. All on the same Sapa, according to rough estimates, five percent are quite well-working links (in absolute numbers this is a lot), but they need to be searched for, filtered GS and non-thematic, checked manually, etc.


Therefore, at the moment, I would recommend that you devote no more than ten percent of your time to obtaining external links, and throw all the main efforts into internal website optimization.


This is not a simple matter, but in the case of commercial sites, in addition to technical auditing and coding, you will have to think about the design and functionality of the site so that it is at least not worse than competitor sites (only adecent product now gets the right to gain a foothold in the Top).


Once again, I propose to look at some features of the promotion of commercial websites.


We will assume that you have put things in order on your website, thereby gaining the right to gain a foothold in the Top according to your needs. But already, in order to get into this Top, any more or less significant ranking factors that we can try to manipulate to one degree or another (we can use the word to improve, but we will call a spade a spade) will come in handy.


One of them is still links.


However, in order to use them correctly, you need to understand for yourself - why does the site need links (any, not just external)? 


Дальше больше по созданию сайтов и продвижению сайтов!

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